Pharaonic Jewelry Box

Pharaonic Jewelry Box


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The Pharaonic Jewelry Box is a beautiful addition to your unique collection. Buy this unique Jewelry box now.

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Our Egyptian Pharaonic Jewelry Box collection is a unique collection. Buy one now and explore it your self. Size is (14 cm X 10 cm X 6 cm)

Some traditions never get old, and that certainly holds true for a group of artisans in Egypt. For around 4,500 years, intricate inlay work has been used in Middle Eastern countries for decorative furniture and art pieces. Today, craftsmen use the same techniques to create striking handmade jewelry boxes for National Geographic Store. Perfect for storing trinkets and treasures, our Egyptian mother of pearl jewelry boxes are one-of-a-kind and ideal on top of a dresser or end table to bring a little piece of the world home.

Inlay work has an long history dating back to the late 6th century BC. It is also the defining feature to our Egyptian jewelry box. Inlay is a decorative technique in which craftsmen lay materials of contrasting colors and textures to form a pattern or picture. In its beginnings, inlay work was used to adorn wooden shrines with hieroglyphical and figural elements, and later was used on wooden coffins and mummy covers.

Before our jewelry boxes are decorated, beech-wood is cut and nailed together by artisans. It depends on how they wish to shape the box.  It could be anything from a rectangle to an oval to a heart. For the inlay stage, artisans use paua blue shells, white resin and hundreds of hand-cut pieces of mother-of-pearl, which give the boxes its iridescent beauty.

The mother-of-pearl used for these jewelry boxes is cut into pieces and inlaid onto the once-plain wooden boxes. The pieces are arranged in an arabesque design, a decorative style used by artists for centuries.

Once the design is in place, it is smoothed down using sand paper. Some boxes are inlaid both inside and outside, and can be complete after this step. But, our artisans line the inside with tan velvet, giving the box a lush finish.

For the artisans, the final product is more than just a box, but a piece of art that requires patience, detail and craftsmanship. The boxes tell a unique story of Egyptian culture and popular art forms that have been around for centuries, and many years to come.

Like all our other exquisite pieces, this box is handcrafted, and highly detailed by our talented craftsmen. It is also top quality and can last for a lifetime.

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