Old silver necklace with different gemstones


The Old silver necklace with different gemstones is a beautiful addition to your unique collection. Buy this unique necklace now.

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Our Old silver necklace with different gemstones is a very unique Bedouin piece. This piece is an antique piece, it’s very unique as a design and how the charms are handmade ornamented in a very special way together.

Some pieces show a great preference for coral, amber, garnet and stones of red color. Also it is characterized by the use of bells, balls, chains, coins; as well as beads colorful and pendants. By tradition women used many of these pieces as a symbol of protection as well as talismans to drive away bad spirits. The tradition dictates that the jewels must be destroyed when the owner dies. A jeweler is in charge to produce new pieces, always respecting the traditional style.

The Bedouin craftsmen frequently sell the pieces by gram and the prices always are raising. The goldsmiths produce traditional Bedouin jewelry in all the Arabic Peninsula, but the young generations are retiring little by little. If we think, owning gold is a way to save and if the woman sees itself in a while of necessity it has a way to take control of faster money. The Bedouin jewelry shops are becoming rarer and more difficult to find. That is the reason why it is acquiring value for collectors and all people interested in the Bedouin jewelry of the Middle East.

Like all our other exquisite jewelry, this necklace is handcrafted, highly detailed. It is also top quality & made to last a lifetime. Furthermore this piece is made of silver with metal or copper.

Additional info:

  • Shipment of Old silver necklace with different gemstones takes from 4-6 business days
  • Shipping takes place from Egypt


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