Lovebirds statement necklace


Lovebirds statement necklace is specially designed and hand crafted, the birds symbolizes the freedom in love and the white indicates the purity of love. 925 sterling silver Matching ring available

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The Lovebirds statement necklace is one of our best filigree pieces.  Lovebirds necklace is specially designed and hand crafted. It is very special because it symbolizes love in the two flying birds that are connected together to each other with love on 925 Egyptian sterling silver and a semiprecious pearl between them which indicates the purity and freedom of love.

Everyone has a story that a piece of jewelry can tell. This story to describe us and our past. A story to explain our hopes and passions, a story in response to questions about who we are and why.  Every story is special and necessary and serves as a piece of something bigger.  By sharing our stories, we can vicariously experience places and people whom we have never known and may never meet with our own eyes.  Through stories we can learn about ourselves and the world.

In the jewelry making in Egypt you may find the reflection of her age-long history. Egypt, the cradle of civilization, is also the cradle of the arts and the home of craftsmanship. The race that wrought the glorious monuments of Pharaonic and Islamic architecture is no less remarkable in the skill it brings by craftsmen nowadays.

In the realm of jewelry making there is no such hiatus, no such break. Just as the Egyptian craftsmen in the fields today uses the same tools and devices as those used by his forerunners hundreds of centuries ago, even so does the craftsman of the twentieth century follow methods and traditions which his distant ancestors would recognize and understand. Skill in execution has waned and waxed during the long course of Egyptian history but methods, perfectly or imperfectly applied, have changed very little.

Like all our other exquisite jewelry, this necklace is handcrafted, and highly detailed by our talented craftsmen. It is also top quality and made to last a lifetime. Furthermore it bears the 925 silver stamp for authenticity purposes.

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  • Shipment of our Lovebirds statement necklace takes from 4-6 business days
  • Shipping takes place from Egypt


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