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Our Embroidery Egyptian cotton Galabia is a unique collection. Buy one now and explore it yourself.

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Our Embroidery Egyptian cotton Galabia is a unique collection. Buy one now and explore it yourself.  Whether you call it a  galabia, kaftan, thobe, or anything else, you probably know more or less what it looks like.

The galabia is a type of traditional dress that Egyptian women wore in Egypt, and in the wider Arab region, for centuries. In the past, the Egyptian jalabiya was almost standard. It came in standard colors. It came with gold embroidery and sometimes polka dots. In the last fifteen years, the galabia has seriously evolved.

Today, we are well-acquainted with global designer and high street brands. But galabias was always a staple in our female ancestors’ closets.

Some people choose to wear galabias when entertaining guests. Some only wear them during Ramadan. Indeed, wearing a galabia is a good way to get in the Ramadan spirit and also the whole year.

The galabia is no longer standard. Styles from all over the world influenced the galabia industry. And it looks like Egyptian designers are coming up with new designs and trends every year.

Previously, Egyptian galabia designs were limited by the textiles available locally and the cultures Egyptian women were exposed to. Nowadays, local designers are exposed to many cultures.

It’s also much easier to find something that fits your personal style. A galabia can be form-fitting or loose. It can be modest or sexy. It can either be perfect for the summer heat. Or it can be thick and cozy for the winter months. But surely, a galabia remains an expression of Egyptian identity no matter how it has transformed.

The galabia has made its way back to us in new form. And it’s time we embrace it in all its varied forms during Ramadan and through out the whole year.

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