Egyptian Silver Winged Isis Bangle Bracelet


Wear our Egyptian Silver Winged Isis Bangle Bracelet or give it as a gift to your loved ones. Buy it now & it will become part of your own history.

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The Egyptian Silver Winged Isis Bangle Bracelet is made from 925 sterling silver. Isis is the ancient Egyptian goddess of magic, fertility and motherhood. She was also the goddess of death, healing and rebirth. She is the first daughter of Ged (the god of the Earth) and Nut (the goddess of the sky) born on the first day of the first years of creation. Isis is the sister of Osiris, who later became her husband. She bore a son by Osiris in the person of Horus. In ancient Egypt, she was known as Auset, Aset or Eset, words that were often associated with the word throne.

Isis is depicted as a woman wearing a long sheath dress with an empty throne on her headdress. This symbolized her husband’s absence following his death and her role as seat of the power of the pharaoh. Alternatively, she is also seen as a woman with a headdress of a solar disc and horn. More rarely, she is a woman with the head of a cow.

In some forms, she is a woman with outstretched wings making her the goddess of the wind. Often she is shown with her child son, Horus, with a crown and a vulture. She is also often seen as a woman holding a lotus. In the heavens, her symbol is the star Sept (Sirius).

Like all our other exquisite jewelry, this bracelet is handcrafted, highly detailed, top quality & made to last a lifetime. Furthermore it bears the 925 silver stamp for authenticity purposes.

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