Egyptian Handmade 100% Cotton Cushion


Our Egyptian Handmade 100% Cotton Cushion is a unique collection. Buy one now and explore it yourself.

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A beautiful Egyptian Handmade 100% Cotton Cushion made in a way similar to the way it was in ancient time. That is why its perfect collectible or gift. Nowadays they are doing their best to maintain a similar way like in ancient times. Approximate Size: 18″ X 18″ (33cm X 33cm)

Tent makers A beautiful Traditional design handmade khayamiya is a very special piece. Nowadays they are doing their best to maintain a similar way like in ancient times which makes it a perfect collectible or gift. Approximate Size: 18″ X 18″ (33cm X 33cm)

In old Cairo, cross the small square in front of the gate, you are at the beginning of one of the oldest thorough fares in Cairo (street) Khayameya. Khayma means “tent” in Arabic. Hence here, in the Street of the Tent makers, though hundreds of years they try to carry the ancient craft of making huge tent pavilions, out of appliquéd cloth patterns.

First of all they must draw on large sheets of brown paper all of the designs used in the making of a new tent. Then a fine needle point pricks out the outline of each pattern in tens of thousands of small holes.

Then they lay the perforated sheet of paper upon each chosen piece of colored cloth. They usually used brilliant blue, blazing red or scintillating green. Tent makers sprinkle a black carbon dust lightly over the paper so that the dust percolates through the holes. Therefore leaving behind a fine stencil outline of the pattern pounced onto the cloth, ready to be cut out. This same process is repeated for the hundreds of pieces of colored cloth used to make a single tent.

The tent makers also used the same technique in doing very attractive cushion covers, bedspreads, table runner and wall hangings .

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