Contemporary Egyptian Sufi dancer ( Darwish) Appliqué


Contemporary Egyptian Sufi dancer ( Darwish) Appliqué is simply a piece of art. The luxurious traditional Egyptian handmade cushion cover inspired by Nubian patterns is a blend of our culture and the modern designs. Furthermore this Egyptian cotton pillow cover is to add a unique statement for your home. It also comes without inserts/ fillers. Its…

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Contemporary Egyptian Sufi dancer ( Darwish) Appliqué is simply a piece of art. Furthermore this Egyptian cotton pillow cover is to add a unique statement for your home. It comes without inserts/ fillers. Its dimensions 45 x 45 cm. Machine wash at 30 degrees using mild detergent. Another tip- don’t either bleach or dry clean.

Darwish was a status name for a Sufi holy man. Whose main focus was on universal values of love and also service. Whirling Darwishes or Sufi dancers originally performed trying to reach religious ecstasy, but nowadays whirling Darwishes are intended for entertainment.

First of all the branding name “Nobu” is derived from our Ancient Nubia which took after Ancient Egypt, in many aspects like art and architecture. Nubia: derived from the ancient Egyptian word “Noob” which means “GOLD”. Hence Nubia is the land of gold mines, ebony and ivory. Modern architecture of Nubia appeared on their houses which were always painted with bright vibrant colors. The walls made of dried mud from the River Nile, geometric figures, plates and saucers hanged on the walls. Therefore decorative motifs appear at the corner of nearly all the buildings.

The village artists invented their own motifs and found their colors in the stone of the nearby hills. Therefore yellow, blue- violet and orange became the dominant color. Nubians use amulets, charms and talismans for good lunch and protection from the evil eye. Our brand Nobu was established by the Egyptian designer and skilled Egyptian artisans, who were captivated with the landscape, dark hills, black rocks, fine yellow and green strips of palm groves.

Embracing the shore of our mighty River Nile digging Nubia’s sand searching for our heritage, natural patterns, unique forms, geometric curves and shapes. We finally came up with our first collection of pure Egyptian cotton hand stitched cushion covers which will take us a long way towards to the creation of a contemporary comfortable home. Furthermore we are also working on new designs for table runners, place mats, sofa covers to complement our range.

Additional info:
·         Shipment of our Nubian Egyptian cushion takes from 2-3 weeks
·         Shipping takes place from Egypt


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