18K Gold Ramses Temple Pendant

18K Gold Ramses Temple Pendant jewelry


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The Ancient Egyptian18K Gold Ramses Temple Pendant is a beautiful addition to your unique collection. Buy this unique pendant now.

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Feel unique by wearing our 18K Gold Ramses Temple Pendant piece. Egyptologists found these rock-cut temples in the ancient Wawat (or the legendary Ybsambul) in Nubia, about 300 kilometers from Aswan. Earlier temples in Nubia had been located within forts. But here the confidence of Ramses II, whose reign may have lasted as many as 67 years, is illustrated. Egyptians cut These temples into the natural rock and lapped it by the Nile, probably once brightly colored. Egyptologists rediscovered these temples in 1813 after eleven centuries of oblivion. When Johann Ludwig Burckhardt saw by accident the upper parts of the colossal figures. In 1817 Giovanni Battista Belzoni found the entrance, partially freed from the sand. In the following years shifting sands often partially covered these temples.

The facade of the Great Temple of Ramses is about 38 meters long and 31 meters high. Egyptians  dedicated this temple to the most important gods of the New Kingdom, Ptah (the creator god of Memphis), Amun-Re (the great god of Thebes) and Re-Harakhte (sun god of Heliopolis), as well as to the Pharaoh Ramses II himself. The four colossi, statues of Ramses II (c. 1290-1224 BCE), are more than 20 meters high and about 4 meters from ear to ear.

Like all our other exquisite jewelry, this pendant is handcrafted of 18K gold by our designers, highly detailed, top quality & made to last a lifetime.It also bears the 18K gold stamp for authenticity purposes.

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