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Our Egyptian Jewelry Name of King Tut 18k gold Pendant is made in our workshop in Egypt by the efforts of skilled crafts men and designers. Buy today.

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Feel unique by wearing The Name of king tut 18k gold pendant. King Tut is short for King Tutankhamen. His name is actually pronounced like this: Toot-ong-kah-men. King Tut was only Pharaoh for about 9 years. Yet he is probably one of the most famous pharaohs of all.

King Tut was nine years old when he became Pharaoh. He was a teenager when he died. His people did not have time in nine years to built a huge tomb for him. They had to quickly finish a tiny tomb. Because his tomb was so small, archaeologists and grave robbers did not discover it until many thousands of years later.

It was not until 1922 that Howard Carter  entered Tut’s tomb. He found a bag of gold rings dropped on the floor. But it might have fallen accidentally. If robbers had been there, they did not take very much. There was still a solid gold mask on King Tut’s face, now resides at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The tomb was full of treasures.

Like all our other exquisite jewelry, this pendant is handcrafted of 18K gold by our designers, highly detailed, top quality & made to last a lifetime.It also bears the 18K gold stamp for authenticity purposes.

Additional info:
  • Shipment of our Name of king tut 18k gold pendant takes from 4-6 business days
  • Shipping takes place from Egypt


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