Health, Life and Power 18K Gold Ring


The Health, Life and Power 18K Gold Ring is a beautiful addition to your unique collection. Buy this unique ring now and make part of your own history.

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The Health, Life and Power 18K Gold Ring is a beautiful addition to your special collection. Hieroglyphs, characters is a system of writing in which symbols represent objects (such as tools, animals, or boats) and ideas (such as motion, time, and joy). The ancient Greeks first used the term hieroglyph (meaning “sacred carving”) to describe decorative characters carved on Egyptian monuments. The term is now mainly used to refer to the system of writing used by the ancient Egyptians.

Archaeological discoveries suggest that Egyptian hieroglyphs may be the oldest form of writing. The earliest evidence of an Egyptian hieroglyphic system is believed to be from about 3300 or 3200 BC. The Egyptians also used hieroglyphs for the next 3,500 years. They were most prevalent during a 1,700-year period when the Egyptians spoke and wrote Old Egyptian (3000 BC-2200 BC) and Middle Egyptian (about 2200 BC-1300 BC). Only a small portion of the Egyptian population, primarily royalty, priests, and civil officials, used hieroglyphs. That was because it was difficult to learn and also time consuming to create.

The Ankh is also known as key of life, the key of the Nile. It was the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic character that read “eternal life”. Egyptologists portrayed Egyptian gods carrying it by its loop, or bearing one in each hand, arms crossed over their chest. The Ankh is a representation of both Physical and Eternal life. Egyptologists also associated the Ankh with material things such as water, air, sun. As well as the Gods frequently pictured carrying an Ankh.

The ancient Egyptians believed that all the wealth of Egypt and all the wealth in the world belonged to Pharaoh. Every house, brick, stone, animal, amulet, jewelry, statue, man, woman, child, clothing, temples, store houses, tombs, eggs found along the Nile, everything, absolutely everything belonged to Pharaoh. In exchange for all Pharaoh owned and controlled, Pharaoh was responsible for the health and happiness of ancient Egypt. If Pharaoh did not do his or her job, the Nile would not rise and leave rich soil behind for planting as the waters receded. If the people did not obey Pharaoh, the Nile would not rise.

Like all our other exquisite jewelry, this ring is handcrafted of 18K gold by our designers, highly detailed, top quality & made to last a lifetime.It also bears the 18K gold stamp for authenticity purposes.

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