Ancient Egyptian Goddesses papyrus painting

Ancient Egyptian Goddesses papyrus painting


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Ancient Egyptian Goddesses papyrus painting is a beautiful addition to your unique collection. Buy this unique papyrus painting now.

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The Ancient Egyptian Goddesses papyrus painting is a very fine detailed piece full of colors and full of life. This colorful scene shows an array of goddesses from Ancient Egypt. One the far right we see Isis with her cow horned crown (also worn by Hathor) seated on the throne. Isis is the sister-wife of Osiris and has magical and motherly aspects. She’s holding the ‘was’ scepter of power and is giving the ankh (Key of Life) sign to the goddess Ma’at (second from the right). Ma’at is the idea of truth, justice and order and was very important in keeping the balance for the Egyptians. Without her the land would go into chaos. To her left is Hathor, goddess of love, music and joy. She’s wearing the menet necklace that’s associated with Ma’at because of the way it balances in the front and back. Finally to the far left is Mut, the vulture goddess who also had motherly aspects over the King. The size of this papyrus painting is approximately 14″ by 17 1/2″.

Papyrus was a weed that grew wildly along the banks of the Nile River. It grew about 10 feet high. It was used to make everything. The ancient Egyptians used papyrus to make paper, baskets, sandals, mats, rope, blankets, tables, chairs, mattresses, medicine, perfume, food, and clothes. Truly, papyrus was an important “gift of the Nile”.

They even tried to make boats out of papyrus, but that did not work very well since Papyrus absorbs water. Using papyrus to make boats might not have worked, but making paper out of papyrus worked  really very well. The ancient Egyptians soaked papyrus to soften it, and then mashed it. They pushed the mashed papyrus together into sheets, and let the sheets dry. Hence they cut the dried papyrus sheets into strips. Then they piled several strips on top of each other to make a thick paper. They beat the stack with a hammer to mash the strips together. Then, they placed a weight on top of each stack. That made the paper thin and sturdy. The final step was to dry to stack.

The ancient Egyptians also used papyrus to make books. But they were not books like ours.  Ancient Egyptian books were made from long strips of papyrus paper. The end of a strip was pasted to another strip, to form a long and thin continuous writing surface. Either one end, or both ends were fastened to a stick of wood, or if you were very rich, a thin stick of ivory. Most papyrus books were only a few feet long. But some were very long, over 150 feet long!

To make sure what they wrote down was protected, the ancient Egyptians only wrote on one side of a sheet (thin strip) of paper. When the paper was full of writing, they rolled the paper into a cylinder with the writing inside, and left a hole down the middle. That way, if the paper picked up any moisture, it could dry more easily.

Like all our other exquisite pieces, this papayrus is handcrafted, and highly detailed by our talented craftsmen. It is also top quality and can last for a lifetime.

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